CELT High School nədir?

CELt High School haqqında əsas məlumat. CELT high school xaricdə oxumanız üçün ən önəmli proqramdır. CELT illərin təcrübəsi ilə tələbələrin xaricdə oxuduğu zaman qarşılaşdırdığı problemlərə nəzərə alaraq CELT High School proqramı yaratdı. CELT High school bütün problemlərinizi aradan qaldırır.

2 thoughts on “CELT High School nədir?”

  1. Hello, I am Nuriyev Sahib, a student of Celt High School. Firstly, I want to inform all of you about its beneficial sides for the students. I investigated them after attending the lesson with my teachers and other two group mates. According to my observations, I have seen a maximum of 3 or 4 students in the lessons. The classes that we take differ from Azerbaijani lessons. The majority of the people have an opinion which is the lessons taught us are similar to simple lessons; however, they are based on the sphere we decided to study in the university, to name a few, Computer Science, Chemistry, Finance and so on. During the preparation of the assignments, we need teachers’ assistance. Thereby, it is much more recommended to consider this factor. In the short period, I have experienced and learned so many things. Attending this school can be the first step in your life for setting up a gorgeous and successful career,

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